How Women And Men Are Different When It Comes To Addiction And Recovery

A drug or alcohol addiction is a terrible experience for anyone, and the challenge of recovery is equally monumental for men and women. However, there are some differences in men’s and women’s patterns of drug use, addiction, and recovery that can have an impact on their treatment. While many people are successful in mixed gender rehab, some women do better in a Women’s Addiction Treatment Program that acknowledges gender differences like the following.

Women And Men Tend To Choose Different Drugs

Although there are plenty of individual exceptions, men are more likely to abuse alcohol and marijuana, while women are more likely to use prescription drugs. Alcohol consumption is still somewhat more socially acceptable for men than women, while use of prescription drugs is less stigmatized and easier to conceal. In addition, women are more likely than men to suffer from chronic pain due to conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Women Can Become Addicted More Quickly Than Men

According to several studies, women tend to experience more cravings for a drug high and become dependent more quickly. For example, studies of cocaine use reveal that women experience a more euphoric and longer-lasting high than men, which intensifies their craving and chance of developing dependency. Female hormones, especially changes associated with pregnancy and menopause, also seem to play a role in addiction. Furthermore, the way women metabolize drugs and alcohol can increase their likelihood of becoming addicted.

Women Use Drugs For Different Reasons Than Men

One of the biggest differences between male and female addicts lies in their reasons for using alcohol or drugs. Men are more likely to be introduced to alcohol or drugs by their peer group, and they tend to use those substances in order to socialize or feel powerful. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to use drugs or alcohol in order to numb feelings of physical or psychological pain. Many female addicts use drugs as a means of coping with trauma.

Women Face More Barriers To Treatment Than Men

Many women resist seeking treatment because they fear separation from their family, especially their children. Women are also more likely than men to have financial barriers that prevent them from considering drug abuse treatment. In addition, women still face more social stigma for going into rehab than men.

When women enter a women-only rehab program, they are likely to feel safer and more comfortable than in a mixed-gender group. They are also likely to find strong support from fellow addicts who share and understand their experiences. Visit this site to learn more about an Arizona addiction recovery center.

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